Ocean, with the expertise, the highly qualified technical staff and the use of advanced technology products, undertake anywhere worldwide, quickly, with responsibly and the lowest possible cost :

Maintenance: Heat pumps, Chillers, Ice rinks, Cooling towers, Industrial cooling systems - Air conditioning, Chemical and Mechanical cleaning of heat exchangers and overhauling compressor maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance: We monthly maintenance the plant and provide technical support for cases 24hr damage, 365 days a year, ending in daily damage.

Repairs: Compressors of all types of reciprocating the screw, replace plate heat exchangers and the tube shell.

Upgrading and converting machinery: For noise reduction reasons, energy saving, restoration, compatibility with energy management systems (BMS) and management - alerts via SMS.

Facilities: All types of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration.

Collaborations: Possibility of cooperation with construction - technical companies and technicians.

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